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Diffusion of ICT

The majority of ICT-related studies focus on the “supply-side.” South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry, with European Union support, is carrying out a detailed programme of work in several economic sectors to understand factors promoting adoption of ICT—the “demand-side”. The study is complete. Trigrammic and associate Graham Sibthorpe (Canada) have carried out an International Scan of ICT Diffusion and the Executive Summary and Full Report have been published. Together with industry experts they also completed the second phase which comprised a National Study in eight economic sectors.

Please see full details on our ICT Diffusion Studies Page
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Baseline Study of ICT in South Africa

This three year project to develop an ICT Industry Strategy for South Africa ( called for a study to assess the state of ICT in the country at the time (1999). This project was funded in large part by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The South African Department of Trade and Industry was the country partner. Trigrammic Associate Tina James managed this project. Read the Executive Summary or the Full Report.
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  The Current State of ICT in South Africa

Essentially a follow up to the Baseline Study referred to above, this paper, prepared by Tina James, Philip Esselaar and Jonathan Miller, presents a brief assessment of the state of ICT in the country as of late 2001.
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  Global IT Report

In the Global IT Report prepared by the Harvard Centre for International Development. South Africa is one of 75 countries profiled in this study, and is positioned as 40th on the list of “e-readiness.” Trigrammic partner Jonathan Miller co-authored the South African entry.
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Draft ICT Policy for Namibia

Along with many other African countries, Namibia is progressing towards cohesive national policies and strategies for ICT. Much of this work is supported by the UN Economic Commission for Africa, and in particular the ongoing African Information Society Initiative (AISI). Working with Namibian partners, Trigrammic conducted a baseline study of ICT in Namibia and made extensive recommendations as to a viable ICT policy for the country. The Namibian Government has adopted the ICT Policy and are engaged in the implementation process. The Executive Summary and Full Report are available.
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Draft ICT Policy for the Organisation of
Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)

Working with a team of German consultants, Trigrammic partner Jonathan Miller completed the development of an ICT policy embracing all nine member states of the OECS, proposed a set of ten follow on projects and an investment promotion plan.
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Baseline Studies of ICT in Other African Countries

Trigrammic has carried out similar studies in Mozambique, Rwanda, Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) to assist in their ongoing planning for ICT support. These studies entailed significant fieldwork at each location. The final report is also available.
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  Electronic Commerce in South Africa

South Africa’s Department of Communications has led the government's efforts to support electronic commerce. An important input to the ongoing process of policy formulation and legislation is a collection of ten academic papers commissioned by the Department. Trigrammic partner Jonathan Miller designed and coordinated this intervention. The summary of the contributions describes key features of each paper and the full set is available at
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  Electronic Commerce in Three African Countries

Our fieldwork in Rwanda, Namibia and South Africa reveals many similarities and differences, with special relevance to the prospects for electronic commerce. This paper, co-authored by Philip Esselaar and Jonathan Miller offers a perspective.
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  National Research and Technology Foresight Study

As with many other countries, South Africa carried out a wide-ranging study of potential research and technology directions to build on the country’s strengths. Among the twelve economic sectors selected for study was ICT. Jonathan Miller chaired that working group and Tina James was a member. The Final Report lays out priority directions for the future. Tina James was also involved as the ICT sector expert in a follow-up international technology scan to support the proposed road-mapping of ICT for South Africa.
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  Information Policy Research Support

Recognising the importance of effective ICT policy making, but also the serious lack of human resource to carry out such work in Africa, the Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC) commissioned Tina James to carry out a study in three countries in the SADC region (Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa). She worked with Jonathan Miller to conduct the fieldwork and report on the potential for such a unit. The Executive Summary shows strong support for the notion within the region.
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  Introduction to Web Portals

South Africa’s Medical Research Council developed a web portal specifically to serve the African community in its attempts to contain the spread of HIV/AIDS on the continent. This article by Jonathan Miller represents a short briefing document that was commissioned to inform a large group of medical researchers spearheading the initiative.
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  Bellanet Data base

No data base to provide a snapshot of what various institutions were doing in relation to ICT4D existed at the time of the project. Led by Tina James with particiaption by Philip Esselaar and Jonathan Miller, the project identified eighty or more international and donor entities and gathered and ratified the desired information.
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  CATIA Open Source and Low Cost Computing Report

As one component of the CATIA project (See, Jonathan Miller coordinated a team carrying out basic research into the desirability of open source solutions in Africa, and factors influencing the cost of computing (in particular refurbishing of used computers). The study included a continent-wide Delphi survey, the results of which led to a series of follow on projects, Some of these are now complete. (see
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  Census of ICT Firms

An NGO, the Cape IT Initiative, with funding from the Western Cape Province and the City of Cape Town, commissioned this study, led by Jonathan Miller and with participation from Tina James, Philip Esselaar and several associates. It comprised a unique census of all ICT firms in the Western Cape region and gathered, analysed and reported extensive data on about 600 companies: characteristics, products, markets, staff competencies etc. The census continues to be updated with current data being compared with this baseline. []
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  Book Chapter: Perspectives and Policies on ICT in Africa

The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) commissioned its Technical Committee on the Relationship between Computers and Society (TC9) to write a book Perspectives and Policies on ICT in Society. Jonathan Miller wrote the opening chapter: Perspectives and Policies on ICT in Africa. The book is edited by Jacques Beleur and Chrisanthi Avgerou and was published by Springer and SBS Media in April 2005 (ISBN-10: 0-387-25587-7).
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  Information Society Programme in the ACP Countries

The European Commission engaged Trigrammic to constitute an international team led by Tina James and associate Kate Wild and including Jonathan Miller. The team carried out a sweeping assessment of ICT for Development activities across 79 countries in the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions. The study identified and analysed the key areas demanding ICT support and made concrete proposals for implementing a four year €20 million programme of work.
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  Diffusion of the Internet in Africa

Sponsored by the Hewlett Foundation, this study involves researchers from the University of Maryland, Jonathan Miller and researchers in Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa, Kenya, Guinea and Ghana. It sets out to describe the history of the Internet in each country and identify the critical negotiation issues that either promote or impede the diffusion of the Internet in a country. Jonathan participated in the overall framework development and completed the fieldwork and case study for Tanzania. Negotiating the Net in Africa: The Politics of Internet Diffusion, edd. E.J Wilson III, K.R. Wong, Lynne Rienner (Boulder), 2007.
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  ICT Roadmap for South Africa

Funded by South Africa's Department of Science and Technology, Trigrammic's Tina James led this Technology Roadmapping study, working together with Jonathan Miller. The study identified five areas of information and communications technology key to economic growth in the country: the human computer interface, geomatics, high performance computing, satellite and wireless technologies, and ubiquitous web services. Working with experts in each domain, the team conducted several workshops and other interventions and recommended implementable plans for innovation and development.
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  Web Policy for the Southern Africa Development Community

Trigrammic partners Philip Esselaar and Jonathan Miller carried out the necessary fieldwork and prepared the policy to govern a new Web site for the SADC Community. The policy governs the SADC website, comprising a Public Portal, an extranet accessible only by the Secretariat and the National Contact Points in the Member States, and an intranet accessible only by SADC Secretariat employees and others specifically designated by the Secretariat (see
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  Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT in Education Projects

This M&E handbook for developing countries was prepared for infoDev by a team comprising six authors including Tina James and Jonathan Miller. The pre-publication draft was launched at WSIS 2005 in Tunis. Substantive chapters include: M&E of ICT for Education Impact, Core Indicators for M&E Studies for ICT in education, Developing an M&E Plan, Capacity Building and Management in ICT for Education, and Pro-Equity Approaches to M&E. Wagner, Daniel A., Bob Day, Tina James, Robert B. Kozma, Jonathan Miller and Tim Unwin. 2005. Monitoring and Evaluation of ICT in Education Projects: A Handbook for Developing Countries. Washington, DC: infoDev /World Bank. Available at:
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 Investment Opportunities in ICT in East Africa

Through the Helsinki Consulting group, Trigrammic won the World Bank International Finance Corporation bid to carry out an in-depth study of ICT investment opportunities in four East African countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Mauritius. Led by Jonathan Miller and with participation from Tina James, associate Kimmo Kartano and local consultants, extensive fieldwork led to a series of public and confidential reports to the IFC Kenya Report.pdf, Mauritius Report.pdf, Regional Report for East Africa.pdf, Tanzania Report.pdf, Uganda Report.pdf
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